So you're probably wondering; who is GreenAutumn Photography...

GA is a team effort between Jimmy + Sonya Bender. Married for FIVE amazing years, Sonya and Jimmy have become a sought after photography duo ;) Their love for each other, passion for art, and the desire to meet new people, echos through their work when photographing the love and relationships of their clients.

When Jimmy and Sonya are not shooting, you might find them doing a handful of things: spending time with their daughters Elle & Charlie, taking their dog Socks to the dog park, hanging out at a local coffee shops, editing at their Studio, or spending time with family and friends.... and the list goes on and on ;)

It is Jimmy and Sonya's hope that you can see their passion for art, music, and WEDDINGS in their work!! If you have any questions, please give them a shout!

tel: 905-818-7176